SSL Setup

Step by step how-to instructions on installing and running KoBo Toolbox on a standalone server.
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A wildcard or SAN certificate+key pair valid for all three KoBo Toolbox subdomains should be set up ahead of time.


SSL certificates are located in directory $KOBO_DOCKER/secrets/. Files in use by Kobo Docker:

  • ssl.key private key (symbolic link to file new.key)
  • ssl.crt site certificate + chain certificate (symbolic link to file new.crt)

Files with certificates:

  • new.key private key
  • new.crt site certificate + chain certificate
  • old.key private key
  • old.crt site certificate + chain certificate


docker-compose stop nginx && docker-compose rm -v nginx && docker-compose up -d && docker-compose logs nginx

Keys and Certificates

Please contact your administrator